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Retailer Tools: New Year, New Approach to Selling An Experience

January 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

With snow falling in most parts of the country, it might be time to revisit some marketing tactics to help drive sales, recruit new customers and to stay loyal to your current customers. We wanted to remind you about some of the free tools here at SIA that we believe can help in any size shop! 

Remember, The SIA Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide (RMG) isn’t a be-all, end-all of marketing. There are other practices we don’t offer in this guide that serve retail well. Postcard mailings for events and sales are a very effective piece. In some areas local TV spots are impactful and even affordable! You know what has worked before, and what’s not working now for your business. Switch out some stale practices and complement your successful, traditional marketing you’re doing with a fresh mix of media. And remember, you need to always be building a strong customer database.

On that note, we have highlighted some ideas to recruit new customers below from our new In-Store Events section at

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Photos: Tripp Fay/Copper Mountain

Educate Your Audience

The more people know about your products and services, the more they’ll want to take advantage of them. By offering free opportunities for education through special in-store events, you can encourage people to learn a new skill, expand their horizons, and open their minds (and their wallets) to new opportunities.


+ Backcountry Q&A Seminar – pg. 14

Trek leaders and expert backcountry ski/snowboarders host a free info session on equipment and trip planning.


+ Customer Clinics – pg. 14

A great way for staff to practice their product tech knowledge and showcase new tech to customers at the same time.


+ Learn to Ski and Snowboard Clinic – pg.44

With Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month (January) underway, this could be cool co-hosted at a school or public area other than the shop; participants can be given a special coupon or voucher for a promo item/lift ticket when they come to the store.

Download The Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide

Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide

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