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SIA Responds To Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Update

November 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

We are all part of one large industry eco-system and the lines are increasingly blurring between winter snow sports and the general outdoor market. Therefore, it’s crucial that we work together to find a way to minimize the number of national shows, while better supporting the regional shows.

As a member-dedicated trade show, SIA’s priority is to facilitate business and our industry’s overall success. The Snow Show has continually provided the lowest price per square foot to exhibit. We collaborate with rep groups and buying groups to facilitate retail business and provide tools and research with the Industry & Intelligence education. Being located in Denver, Colorado, the heart of the outdoor industry and a leader in outdoor activism, the SIA Snow Show also recognizes the importance of the value of advocacy and stewardship when it comes to climate change, environmental concerns and accessibility to the outdoors.

For well over 50 years, SIA and the SIA Snow Show have served the winter industry, providing resources to its members, enabling them to make the best possible business decisions. A consolidated trade show landscape that not only speaks to the current buy-sell cycle, but also better addresses the financial constraints faced by suppliers and retailers will ultimately help to unite and strengthen the industry.

SIA welcomes Emerald and OIA to engage in constructive dialog on how best to serve the entire winter outdoor industry and the invaluable role that the SIA Snow Show plays.

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Nick Sargent

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