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Spy Optics’ Travis Tomczak and Michael Marckx Talk Happiness

August 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Just released: Travis Tomczak & Michael Marckx, Spy Optics


Happiness. That’s what Spy Optics explains as their core mantra – the base for every decision, every product initiative, and each individual lens advancement. Their two-year-old Happy lens is yes, in fact, the underlying point of differentiation in the optics market, but their company culture is what then CEO, Michael Marckx, and current Snow Category Manager, Travis Tomczak, spoke of when we sat down with them in January at SIA for The Sessions @ SIA.

“It’s about fulfillment as individuals. How we can be fulfilled in our lives? We found the more people who are engaged in that, and pondering on what makes them feel fulfilled and happy in their own lives, it ends up contributing in really interesting and fun ways to the business.”

With 30 videos total, stay tuned for more to come this summer and fall; Capita’s Blue Montgomery, Oakley’s Stacy Dye and Matty Swanson, Dragon’s Mike Tobia and TEN’s Gerhard Gross to list a few. TransWorld Business, TransWorld Snowboarding, Snowboarder and SIA will host the video series.


The Sessions @ SIA: Travis Tomczak and Michael Marckx Talk Happiness


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