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Tennis and Skiing: A Perfect Recipe for Success According to Novak Djokovic

June 9, 2015 | 0 Comments

Growing up playing tennis and skiing, I can easily tell you that both sports require agility, strength and quickness. It’s a perfect crossover.

But don’t take it from me. Take it from the world’s top-ranked tennis player, Novak Djokovic. By the time he was 3, he was skiing on his own at the resort on Kopaonik in Serbia. 

“I adore being on the slopes,” Djokovic said in an interview this week. “I think it’s the best feeling an athlete can have.” Asked if he felt better skiing than he did playing tennis, Djokovic said, “Yes.”

When it comes to gliding and lunging on the tennis court, it’s clear to see the paradigm between the two sports. “When he’s sliding on the court, this is like skiing,” Goran Djokovic, Djokovic’s uncle, said. “People say, ‘How is it possible?’ Because of that. It’s simple.”


Instagram Photo: @DjokerNole 

From quick turns on the slopes, to hitting those moguls (and working the knees) it’s the perfect training to gain flexibility, strength and power for the tennis court. “Skiing has helped the flexibility of my ankles and knees from a very early age,” Djokovic said.

Both sports are fun and exciting yet challenging. Whether you’re 3 years old, 33 or 73 – you can see that both sports help with balance, movement and athleticism as a whole. If you have the chance, get out on the slopes, no matter what your main sport is!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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