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Amundsen Sports Expands, Proudly Opens Clubhouse & Showroom on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

November 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Iconic Norwegian apparel brand’s rapid growth in the US market is creating a need for more resources and a larger brand presence

Boulder, Colo. (Nov. 10, 2021): Amundsen Sports, the Norwegian technical and lifestyle apparel brand that stormed the US market in 2017, is proud to announce a significant brand presence in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. With a new home east of Pearl Street’s walking mall and situated in a gas station from 1928 better known as “Joe’s Paint & Body Repair,” Amundsen’s Clubhouse represents the latest expansion into their fastest growing market.

Housed on the corner of 23rd and Pearl Street, Amundsen’s Clubhouse has gone through a full renovation and is ready to highlight the spirit of Amundsen alongside a complete line of Amundsen’s latest technical and lifestyle apparel. Included in the experience is a curated collection of museum-worthy outdoor gear from years past.

“We built it ourselves and it took us four weeks of continuous work,” says Christian Lovenskiold, Head of the North America Operations for Amundsen. “Since our expansion into the US started back in 2017, we have dreamt of our own Clubhouse. We are all about matching community with the passion of Amundsen and we finally have a space to bring that to life.”

With a rustic feel and a nod to the roots of outdoor adventure, Amundsen’s Clubhouse stands in stark contrast with the glitzier outdoor brand storefronts further west on Pearl. Wooden barn-board walls, hand-burnt and painted with pine tar and oil to give a rich red mahogany hue, set the rustic Nordic theme just right. Roald Amundsen’s legacy can be felt as you browse through endless books, photos, and apparel. To help round out the feel, climbing legend and outdoor gear pioneer Gary Neptune has graciously contributed a selection from his extensive museum of vintage pickaxes, climbing boots and wooden skis. The result is a time machine, blending the old with the new, into an outdoor lifestyle that reflects Amundsen’s place in the industry.

“Amundsen’s slogan is “Play Well,” built on the belief that being an outdoor brand is not all about being extreme and pushing the limits but also about having fun and enjoying nature as one big playground. We want to contribute to the industry in an informal and personal way. Our brand is unconventional, and we prefer to do things ourselves and at a reasonable cost. Here we will highlight the passion of a legacy drawn down for generations after the late Roald Amundsen,” added Lovenskiold.

The Clubhouse serves many purposes, including an office space for the day-to-day NA business operations, a showroom for retailers to get a feel for the brand and their products, and an event space where locals can come for a fully immersive brand experience.

In the past 18 months Amundsen has become synonymous with the Norwegian word “Friluftsliv” (translation: Free-Air-Life) here in North America. During the pandemic, this Norwegian way of appreciating nature spread like wildfire as we looked to the outdoors for refuge and an escape. Amundsen offers a wide variety of outdoor clothing designed, sourced, and manufactured in Europe. The result is a versatile product package that caters to everyone, from the most hardcore skiers of Colorado to the urban dwellers of Brooklyn, New York.

About Amundsen Sports

When Roald Amundsen set out to conquer the South Pole in 1911, he went to live with the Inuits to study their knowledge of cold weather survival, while also  exploring the modern technology of his day. His ability to look back in time while leaping forward, his urge to explore the unexplored, and above all his refusal to accept the status quo, helped Roald succeed where others had failed. Amundsen Sports was founded on these standards. His successful preservation of tradition combined the modern innovation inspires us on our mission to enhance and simplify everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts. We develop smart products inspired by the past and built for the future. We do not believe in the ever-growing fabricated need of micro-specialized clothing for each of your outdoor activities. As long as your products are Adaptable, Versatile, Long-lasting and Stylish, you do not need a big outdoor wardrobe. This philosophy, combined with our focus on short-traveled production, has the natural benefit of being good for the environment.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Amundsen Clubhouse in Boulder. In the meantime, you can follow Amundsen on Instagram: @AmundsenBoulder and @AmundsenSports.


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