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Did You Know? Women’s Specific Products were up 4% to $1.4B Last Season. Learn the Story of 14/15 to Gain Insight into 15/16

December 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

If you haven’t downloaded the SIA Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report or the Descriptive Summary, now’s the time to get a look at the story of the 14/15 season. If you need detail, you can delve into the numbers on a granular level with the SIA Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report. The Descriptive Summary, which tells a story about the retail market last season, is a great option if you don’t need the level of detail that the Intelligence report offers. Either way, you’ll learn about category performance by channel and by region, average prices, retail margins, inventory levels at the end of the season, units and dollars sold, and a summary of trends. 

For example, the Descriptive Summary describes the overall season, giving you a big picture view:

Overall, categories including outerwear, handwear, baselayer, snow boots, and headwear sold very well this season but equipment and many equipment accessories like goggles and helmets sales declined compared to the 2013/2014 season. Outerwear sales including insulated, shell, soft shell and fleece tops and bottoms were up 9% to $1.8B. Equipment sales including alpine, alpine touring, snowboard, cross country, Telemark, and adjustable poles dropped 7% to $839M. Equipment accessories including racks, protective pads, helmets, goggles, racks, and snowshoes declined 3% to $331M. Selected apparel accessories sales including total headwear, handwear and baselayer sales increased 5% to $556 million through March. Digital cameras continued a sharp upward trend with $55M in sales, up 10% compared to the 2013/2014 Season. Digital camera sales have doubled in the past 4 seasons.

It also includes specifics and tells stories about issues like the following in women’s specific gear:

Sales of women’s specific products were up 4% in dollars sold to $1.4 billion (31% of total sales) through March this season. In addition, women make 80% and influence 95% of all household spending decisions.

Other women’s specific results include:

  • – Women’s outerwear sales up 13% in dollars sold to $783M through March
  • – Women’s snow boots sales up 25% to $55M through March
  • – Women’s headwear sales up 13% to $25M through March
  • – Women’s AT/Randonee equipment sales increased 87% overall to $2.2M. AT ski sales to women increased 329% to $931K and AT boot sales to women increased 34% to $1.3M
  • – Women’s specific snowboard equipment was down 4% to $51 million, about $2 million less than the 2013/2014 season. Lack of snow in the west impacted snowboard equipment sales across all ages, genders, and distribution channels this season. Total snowboard equipment sales were down 4% to $256 million
  • – Women’s specific snowboard equipment sales accounted for 20% of all snowboard equipment dollars sold 38% of all snowboarders are female, nearly 3M American women and girls snowboard

3.20.14_6.jpgPhoto Credit: Tripp Fay/Copper Mountain

Another great way to get more information about the 2014/15 Snow Sports Market data is the State of the Industry Video Series. Here you’ll find the Overview Video, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the most recent snow sports season, including how much was bought, which sports are growing, how many people participated, and a look at what it means for the future of snow sports in America and beyond. You can also view the category specific videos, which tell the story of the 14/15 data specifically for cross country, ski and snowboard.



To get all of the information contained in the SIA Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report or the Descriptive Summary, and to request your copy, contact SIA Research Director Kelly Davis at [email protected] or 703-506-4224.

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