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Welcoming New & Diverse Participants to the Winter Community

(Past) December 3, 202012:00pm MT

Welcoming New & Diverse Participants to the Winter Community

COVID-19 has energized people to get outside in unprecedented numbers. How can the winter community be more welcoming and inclusive in effort to expand winter sports participation among new, casual and diverse participants.

As a non-core participant, it can be difficult to navigate the ins and outs of choosing gear and getting on the mountain. We are already starting to hear of increased gear sales, especially in the novice category. Given we are looking at unique set of operating protocols this season, no matter what your level of participation or what sport, it will be more confusing than ever for this group.

Hear from our experts on what they are doing to help and attract the novice, weekend warriors and non-traditional participants to get out into winter in both our mountain communities and in urban areas.

Moderator: Constance Beverley, CEO, Share Winter Foundation


  • Kristen Busch, Human Resources Director, Christy Sports
  • Phoebe Mills, Director of Programming, Woodward
  • Alex Moser, Director of Marketing & Communications, Seven Springs Mountain Resort
  • Nicole Sumner, Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing, Backcountry
  • Leo Tsuo, Owner, Weston Backcountry