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Impacts of COVID on Participation: A look back at the 21/22 season

May 24, 202211:00am MT

Another COVID season has passed. Come join us for our end-of-season recap from the participants’ viewpoint. How did they navigate this season and what do they look forward to in the next. This webinar is for SIA Members Only. Pl...

2020-2021 Participation Study Overview

October 28, 20211:00pm MT

The SIA Participation Study 2020-2021 is a comprehensive look at participants in winter sports across the 2020-2021 season including: skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, touring, and more. We will unveil this ...

SIA at Summer OR 2021 - The Boom Is Just Beginning

August 10, 20212:00pm MT

The pandemic has given the outdoor industry a tremendous gift: a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts looking to get more involved and connect with the community around their sport. Hear how the outdoor, snowsports, and bike indu...

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Snowsports Consumers

August 4, 202111:00am MT

Join us for a high-level overview of the latest SIA Consumer report. This session will broadly answer the following questions: What outdoor activities have snowsports consumers participated in over the last year? How did their exp...

Brands On A Mission - Collaboration For A Cause, Presented In Collaboration With The Share Winter Foundation

January 21, 20212:00pm MT

Your consumers want to know where you stand, but how do you authentically demonstrate your commitment to community and social justice? Join our panelists for a discussion on how to collaborate and communicate your brand’s co...

Welcoming New & Diverse Participants to the Winter Community

December 3, 202012:00pm MT

COVID-19 has energized people to get outside in unprecedented numbers. How can the winter community be more welcoming and inclusive in effort to expand winter sports participation among new, casual and diverse participants. As a n...