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SIA & GrowBig - Cross-border Growth Strategies: Tapping into New Markets

March 2, 202211:00am MT

57% of global online shoppers purchase from overseas retailers. Cross border sales have achieved a 220% gain (to US $627 billion) in just five years. Although cross border commerce is a logical expansion strategy, moving into new ...

SIA & GrowBig - The Omnichannel Imperative: Selling Across Channels

February 23, 202211:00am MT

What is Omnichannel? The ability for merchants to sell across multiple offline and online channels in a manner that creates a holistic brand experience for the shopper on any channel, from product discovery and purchase to post-ch...

SIA & GrowBig - Navigating the Supply Chain in 2022

February 18, 202211:00am MT

More than a year after the Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench into the global supply chain, apparel and accessory brands are still feeling the impacts today. As you generate record e-commerce sales, the shipping container demand fur...

SIA at Summer OR 2021 - The Intersection of Technology and Innovation

August 11, 20211:00pm MT

Over the past year we have all adopted new technologies and innovated our businesses at a rapid pace. Let’s look at what works and is here to stay for the long haul. We’ll also look at current trends, best practices and what�...

The State of Retail in 2021

May 12, 202111:00am MT

In this session, we will review the trends that are shaping the future of commerce—connected sales channels, finding new ways to acquire customers, flexible business models, post-Covid predictions and making supply chains more e...

WPIC x SIA: China E-commerce Accelerator for Snowsports Brands

March 24, 202111:00am MT

Snowsports have been growing in popularity for some time in China, and the market is set to skyrocket as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaches. WPIC’s China E-commerce Accelerator Program was created to help brands cap...

Store Inventory: Driving A New Wave Of Digital Marketing Technologies, Presented In Collaboration With Lynkem

January 19, 20213:00pm MT

Live inventory from specialty retailers, franchises, and brand stores provide a gold mine of business intelligence. You can learn in real-time about consumer trends, buying behaviors, and potential marketing opportunities. In this...

Without A Plan It's Just A Wish, Presented In Collaboration With The Wealthy Retailer, Inc.

January 12, 202110:00am MT

Are you wondering what tools the most successful independent retailers are using to navigate these uncertain times? Dan Holman and Scott Smith, both veteran merchandise planners, will tour you through the tools used to plan your b...

The Master Class for Online Selling: Everything You Need To Know to Go From Beginner to Pro in One Session

November 17, 202011:00am MT

Whether you are currently using a B2B solution or if you are new to virtual selling and looking for tips on how to get started or to refine your process, this is a webinar meant for you.

The Wealthy Retailer® Series Presented by Canadian Retail Solutions & Empowered Retail - Session #6

October 29, 202010:00am MT

This 6-part roundtable webinar series facilitated by Dan Holman & Scott Smith will give specialty retailers and sales reps an opportunity to educate and collaborate as we continue to move business forward during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Session #6 – Systems Define Outcomes: Creating a Selling System That Creates Ambassadors For Your Stores