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Geartrade’s UnNew Marketplace Keeps Over 45,000 Units of Equipment and Apparel out of the Landfill for 2021

April 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Salt Lake City, Utah (Friday, April 22, 2022) — Geartrade (, the online marketplace for UnNew outdoor gear and apparel, this week announced annual recommerce gear retention statistics including the resale/reuse of 45,590 outdoor goods in 2021, and the resale/reuse of nearly 17,000 outdoor goods in the first quarter of 2022.

Geartrade’s resale statistics point to increasing awareness and acceptance of the UnNew marketplace among outdoor gear consumers, as well as Geartrade moving closer to its goal of a fully circular outdoor economy.

“At Geartrade we’ve always considered the outdoor industry’s climate impact as our most important challenge to face,” says Aaron Provine, Geartrade President. “When you look at the amount of gear we have kept in circulation, we’re both proud and daunted by the numbers. Over 45,000 units in a single year is incredible, but also proves how far we have to go as the collective outdoor industry.”

Of the 45,590 pieces of used gear recirculated by Geartrade in the previous year, 21,201 were apparel.

According to, creating 1kg of fabric releases 20-23kg of greenhouse gasses. Assuming the average weight of a single apparel piece is 250g (the weight of a lightweight shell), Geartrade has played a part in reducing the carbon footprint of the outdoor industry by 106,005 kg of greenhouse gasses – which would be required to create 21,201 new pieces of gear based on our weight assumptions. In concrete terms, that’s the equivalent amount of carbon sequestered by 1,753 tree seedlings grown for 10 years, according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

“Throughout 2021, we saw the trends of the outdoor industry reflected in the demands for used gear. Apparel was by far the most sought after item, with bike, ski, and climbing gear filling out the second, third, and fourth spots,” said Provine, adding that he expects these trends to continue through the end of 2022, with consumers looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint through their shopping habits.

Responding to increased demand and interest, Geartrade recently launched a loyalty program and continues to build and refine consignment. Through the simplicity of the consignment process and the new rewards program, Geartrade is expecting 2022 resale/reuse volume to continue to push forward the company’s goals of creating a more sustainable outdoor economy.

“We’re doing everything we can to make Geartrade an easy place to buy and sell gear, as well as to reduce our collective carbon footprint,” continues Provine. “Our consignment program, where we process and sell everything for the consumer, has quickly become a fan favorite, and every little bit helps.”

ABOUT GEARTRADE:  Geartrade is a Climate Neutral Certified and family-owned online marketplace for UnNew outdoor gear and apparel. Founded in 1999 and relaunched in 2019, Geartrade makes it easy to buy and sell used gear, extends the life cycle of all outdoor products, and minimizes their environmental impact wherever they can. Geartrade sellers include individuals, retailers, and manufacturers; and their selling options include both self-listing as well as consignment – which includes free boxes, free shipping, and complete hassle-free posting of all items. For more information or to sell that great old backpack hanging in your garage, please visit


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