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Luvmother Collaborates with Oliver Yaphe for Zero Waste Project

January 8, 2018 | 0 Comments

Luvmother, a Montreal-based company that designs high quality, durable children’s Merino Wool clothing, has partnered with New York based textile studio Oliver Yaphe to help protect our environmental future, one scrap at a time.

Luvmother donates cuttings from its factory as a part of an upcycle program that aims to produce zero waste in the manufacturing process. The end result are hand crafted designer textiles (pillows, rugs, runners…) that Oliver Yaphe sells online and at esteemed New York outlets.

Built on the premise that it was hard to find well-made long lasting, fine children’s early-stage clothing in North America, and knowing that Merino is a perfect fiber for comfort, warmth, and durability, the founders set out to provide clothing they knew would work for young families like themselves. The two words ‘love’ and ‘mother’ are a nod to all moms, mother Earth, the mother of invention and the idea that with a little “luv,” anything you put your mind to is possible. The brand can be found in specialty outdoor boutiques,, Canada’s Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and online.

“We all have it happen so many times, where a great idea starts at a meeting of like minds, it has excitement and possibilities, and then time passes and it ends up in a great “folder of good intentions,” explained Luvmother Co-founder Kevin Peacock. “But this idea had too much potential to be ignored. After a lot of legwork from Katherine Yaphe, founder of Oliver Yaphe, to define the designs and line-up the right artisans,” Luvmother’s first batch of cuttings to her local facilities, and new crafted upcycled products, are in the final stages.”

“The collaboration between two companies that share a brand (and life!) philosophy and the initiative to turn “waste into want – felt right from the start,” adds Luvmother partner Giselle Murphy.

For this Zerowaste initiative, Oliver Yaphe manufactures one-of-a-kind rugs and pillows made by hand with unused fabric scraps from the most beautiful fabrics they can source. Driven by a love of color and texture, Katherine Yaphe designs her goods for the long haul — which is in sync with Luvmother’s mission to produce boutique quality clothing that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Sustainability and durability have always been at the heart of Luvmother’s mission. The company uses fair trade labor, offsets its carbon footprint from shipments from its factory, and delivers its products in biodegradable bags. It is a small initiative that Luvmother hopes will lead to bigger outcomes for the future.

“My kids adore Luvmother’s clothing and I have fallen for the company’s attention to detail and authentic care for craft. Luvmother’s mission is very much in line with our own. We strive to produce thoughtfully made, handcrafted textiles that stand the test of time – both in terms of design and how they are produced,” remarks Oliver Yaphe, founder Katherine Yaphe. “It’s a great fit and we’re so excited by this concept and finished product. Being involved in this initiative has been an eye-opening experience and has raised my consciousness as a maker and buyer. I am thrilled to be part of this process and feel the incredible potential in this idea.”

“Being involved in this Zerowaste initiative has been an eye-opening experience. What I hadn’t thought about to the extent that I do now, is that even the most sustainable manufacturing has environmental costs. But, there are ways to minimize and manage our impact – which is what we’ve tapped in to. It feels great to be able to take unused remnants and turn them into something beautiful and desirable to buyers. Luvmother goes to great lengths to source the most gorgeous merino wool fabric and to be a truly conscious manufacturer. When you start with amazing materials and an authentic desire to do good in the world, we know that we can produce pieces that will be special and meaningful and have purpose beyond our initial idea,” explains Katherine Yaphe.

Muted, natural patterns define the look of the sweet, modern apparel line. The super fine merino wool is soft to the touch and ‘and is designed for children’s bodies, with extra-long tails and cuffs that roll down to accommodate growth spurts. The layers are perfect for wearing to school and then straight to whatever fun adventure lies ahead.

After three years of business, the company is working its way into retail spaces. Look out for Luvmother hoodies, shirts and pants to outfit your loved ones.

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