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Quick Lap with Martin Balgach, National Sales Manager, ECOXGEAR

February 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

Tell us about the history of ECOXGEAR.

Thanks for asking! ECOXGEAR has been engineering and selling rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speakers and accessories for 15 years. Our brand is proven, rough and tough, and tuned for outdoor adventures. We have deep roots in Paddlesports, Outdoor, Hike/Camp, and Active Lifestyle, and are psyched for this new reach into Snowsports.

When did you enter the snowsports market with your helmet audio? What led to that?

We jumped into Snowsports in 2020: it was a natural fit as we were already partnered with leading national and independent outdoor retailers. We wanted to provide a fresh solution for snow helmet audio as the market has been eager for a better sounding (and better priced!) integrated Bluetooth product that features a reliable walkie-talkie option. We released EcoPucks in Fall 2020 and have now revamped the product for richer sound, enhanced bass response, and overall increased volume, and that evolution is now Pucks2.

What’s next for ECOXGEAR in the snowsports market? Sounds like you have some cool new technology in your new products.

We’ll be working to secure retail placement for Pucks with ASAP orders as well as pre-seasons for 2021/2022, and beyond. At $99.99 MSRP, our feature set includes great sound, hands-free calling, Zello—an already popular app-enabled walkie-talkie function, quick access charging (no need to ever remove the Pucks from your helmet!) and a 15-hour battery life. They’re also IPX7 waterproof rated, so it’s no prob if they get wet while out on the hill!

How does ECOXGEAR plan to sell products to the snowsports community?

We have an independent rep force throughout the country, and we actively attend trade shows like OR+SS, WWSRA, and 360AC. We manage all dealer accounts directly, and I’m also spreading the word here in my local Colorado snowsports communities. I’m on the Front Range, so it’s been great to jump up to the resorts and get immediate product response and meet with interested buyers and top-league shops. We’re already partnered with many great dealers across the country, and we’re actively setting up new shops. We have great margins and solid customer support, so I’m always excited to build Pucks programs with new dealers, large and small!

Anything else you want to share?

Pucks are definitely an easy add-on sale for any shop who sells helmets and goggles. Skiers and riders are thrilled to ditch their clumsy, wired earbuds for an integrated, wireless solution that’s seamless and sounds great! Below is a quick video highlighting product features. If anyone has dealer or product questions, they can call me directly at 720.343.6851 or email [email protected]. Thanks for the time!

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