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SIA/WWSRA On-Snow Demo Participant Data

March 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

With spring in full swing, and our fiscal year ending on June 30th, we’re deep into planning for the 2019/20 year. We learned a lot this year and are taking all of this into account as we set our plans for the year, and our vision for the future.  One specific program we’re fully supporting, as we move forward with our planning, is the 2020 On-Snow Demo.

Despite two days off between the end of the trade show and the demo this past February, we saw incredible support from the entire industry.  With over 1000 retailers from 39 states and 6 countries, the 2019 SIA/WWSRA On-Snow Demo continues to be a truly national and international event, and the single best opportunity that our industry has to test the new gear in ideal conditions.   And with almost half of the retail attendees coming from outside of Colorado, is proof that the on-snow demo is a valuable asset to our industry and retailers from around the globe.

We are already in discussions with Copper Mountain, about the same or bigger footprint, who have told us that they want the demo back in 2020 and beyond. Copper is the best partner for the demo and we’re excited to be working with them again next year.

We know that with the new schedule of the OR Snow Show, it complicates things for many, and we’re working on solutions with OR now. We are doing our best to make the demo as turnkey as possible for the industry, but as we’ve said many times, these events are only as good as we all make them, so we hope that you all will put On-Snow Demo at Copper Mountain on your calendars for 2020.



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