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SIA’s Member Quick Lap: Teddy Schiavoni of Locally

July 22, 2020 | 0 Comments


About Locally

In 2014 we anticipated changes in consumer behavior. We saw shoppers increasingly turning to the internet for decision-making, which left the local retailer invisible to the shopper. So we built a solution to connect the dots between the shopper, the brand and the local retailer’s inventory. Since then, we have been working in the snowsports, outdoor, sporting goods, footwear, running, toy, electronics, tool, hardware, and baby spaces.

Lately, shoppers have turned to supporting local retail more than ever. They also want a safe, seamless shopping experience. Locally provides that to them.

Recent shopping trends

When coronavirus led to shutdowns across the nation in March 2020, we saw a huge increase in “Buy Online, Pickup In Store” (BOPIS), Curbside and Same Day Delivery– a 35X increase across all transaction types. Enabling this required brand and retailer partnership to increase their online presence and inventory availability to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible. With this rapid change, we have seen anywhere from a 5-10 year advancement in online consumer shopping adoption of BOPIS/ROPIS/Curbside and Same Day Delivery.

How does it work?

Locally for Brands – Join forces with your dealers to drive shoppers to their local shop for BOPIS options. Locally offers an affordable, state-of-the-art, fully customizable store locator map for your website. Locally collects real-time inventory from thousands of small, medium and large retailers globally, steering online shoppers to nearby retailers to close the sales loop and build brand loyalty. Locally offers smart B2B to get inventory to the right location quickly, and also offers same day delivery when available. For product, brand and retailer search, Locally offers excellent search results, with most retailer shops and products showing up on the first page of search – a great value for both brands and retailers.

Upload your catalog with Locally, and you can be live within a matter of days. SIA brand members receive complimentary catalog support.

Locally for Retailers – Control your presence on your brand partners’ websites by broadcasting your inventory to get in front of shoppers on brand websites, search engines, your own website and your social media channels. Shoppers have the ability to Buy It Locally™ where they can buy online with the option to pick up in your store or have you deliver to them. Drive in-store transaction from your own website. Have your inventory updated on Google daily or even hourly. Learn how to reach local shoppers with SEO information to build your traffic and increase sales. When shoppers search for product availability near your location, Locally offers excellent search results, with most retailer shops and products showing up on the first page of search – a great value for both retailers and brands.

Most retailers can be set up in a matter of hours. SIA retailer members receive complimentary profiles and the ability to connect their inventory/POS systems to enable stock reporting on hundreds of brand websites with Locally.

What is new with Locally in 2020?

Due to the challenges of shopping during COVID-19, we recently implemented “Locally Ship-To-Store” to make shopping easier for the shopper, and work with the brands and retailers to drive the shopper into a local store. Most retailers cannot afford to stock a large assortment of products, yet their shoppers want to buy from them. This service allows the product to virtually show as available in any store as long as it’s available from the brand’s warehouse, and will then ship the product to the store for a seamless BOPIS option. For shoppers who are otherwise intimidated to enter a store and ask questions, this presents the perfect option to convert from the online information of a brand site to the in-store experience of shopping with a specialty store.

Why should SIA Supplier and Retailer Members join Locally now?

Shoppers are online now more than ever. Locally is the intersection where brands, retailers and shoppers meet, bringing the convenience of e-commerce to the local retailers. Buy It Locally™ helps shoppers find their favorite products and brands at a store near them. Locally’s marketing expertise often allows your products and retail locations show up on page one of a Google search.

For more information, visit or send an email (remember to mention that you are an SIA member for your special options):


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