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April 2022 – SIA’s Annual ClimateUnited Month!

March 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

SIA’s ClimateUnited Month highlights the organization’s commitment to facilitating industry-wide innovation to ensure the winter outdoors thrives for future generations. During ClimateUnited Month, SIA provides ready-to-implement tools and techniques for member companies to gain immediate business value through reducing climate impact and sharing that commitment with staff and customers.

In April, SIA will focus on educating its members on bold climate solutions with virtual sessions that explore the benefits of a circular and renewal strategy, solve the sustainable packaging dilemma and how to choose your insurance plan to benefit the planet.


Weekly virtual sessions:

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 11 am MDT, Building A Circular Strategy to Reduce Your Emissions

Re-thinking the way that our gear is designed, bought, and sold – moving away from a linear lifecycle to a more circular model is a responsibility and an opportunity that our industry can’t ignore now. This innovation will not only reduce unnecessary carbon emissions and waste in our landfills, but it’ll also open new financial opportunities and bring new participants into our sports.

Join Nicole Bassett of The Renewal Workshop and Derek Sabori of The Underswell to explore some of the most innovative approaches to a circular model that can be implemented by any business of any size.

Free registration for all here.


Thursday, April 14, 2022, 11 am MDT, Solving the Sustainable Packaging Dilemma

Our oceans and landfills are filling up with plastic – so isn’t it about time that our industry re-imagines how we package and ship our goods? Responsible packaging should now be an industry standard – let’s move this forward by discussing the challenges, best practices, and opportunities that re-thinking our packaging presents.

Moderator: Aaron Keller, Capsule


  • Peter Arlein, mountainFLOW eco-wax
  • Olivia O’Neill, Krimson Klover
  • Nick Pascoe, DPS Skis

Free registration for all here.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 11 am MDT, Measuring Your Product Impacts and Telling Authentic Sustainability Stories

Measuring and reducing your product’s climate impact is more pressing and important than ever. But the questions still remain – where do we start and how do we share the impact with our consumers, employees and stakeholders?

Join Jamie McCroskery of Bluebird Climate to learn how to measure, improve and communicate the sustainability of your products. Moderated by Paul Marshall of Tightline Consulting.

This event is for SIA Members Only! Log in to the member portal to access the ClimateUnited Lab to register.



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