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Introducing Neighborhood Inspiration at the SIA Snow Show

December 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

  • Welcome to The Collectives. Launching at the 2016 SIA Snow Show, The Collectives are epicenters for key segments, featuring brands, intel sessions, data and community for Ski, Snowboard, Nordic, Backcountry, Style and Women’s.




Ski Collective

The 11.7 million active skiers represent the largest group of snow sports participants and a huge sales opportunity. With more than 1,490 models of skis on the market, how do you know if you’re making the right picks to drive sales? Start here.

Snowboard Collective

Snowboard brought out 7.6M participants, up from 7.3M. Is your shop stocked with the right brands and gear? Get the data, trends and first-hand info you need at The Snowboard Collective. Start here.

Nordic Collective


4M participants hit the trails last season as Nordic equipment sales totaled $72M. Nordic hardgoods, softgoods, and accessories are a major part of the Show. With over 50 brands exhibiting each year, you’ll see all the latest in gear innovations. Start here. 

Backcountry Collective


45% of skiers and 55% of riders take the path less traveled. As more people choose to explore, will your shop have the special equipment and gear to take advantage? If you want to stock your shop for no limits treks, visit The Backcountry Collective. Start here.

Women’s Collective


Last season, women’s equipment, accessories and apparel sales were all up. Combine that with the fact women influence 95% of household purchase decisions and you’ll understand why you need to know more about this audience. Start here. 


Style Collective



The apparel and accessory categories represent more than $2.4B in the US market. With full colorways and lines on display, you’ll find the styles to stock at the Style Collective. Start here.


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