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Future-proof Your Business With SIA! October is SIA Membership Month – this week we are featuring the critical role that technology plays in your business.

October 6, 2021 | 0 Comments

“There’s a lot more risk from sitting still, doing things the old way, than there is from… trying your own experiments to be bold in some new ways.”

Chris Gagnon, McKinsey & Company

Are you stuck in the old? Is your business ready for future success?

Take this short YES/NO quiz to see how future-proof your business is:

  • I know who my future consumers are and how to reach them
  • I have access to critical data necessary to make sound business decisions
  • I embrace diverse perspectives as a vital way to increase innovation and company growth
  • I have an ongoing voice in climate advocacy
  • I actively engage in educational programs to stay on top of current trends and best practices
  • I have incorporated new technologies in an effort to drive my business forward

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you might be stuck in the old and your business may be at risk!

From inclusion to participation, education to advocacy, and insights to consumers, SIA provides its members with the roadmap, tools and resources necessary for a thriving business now and into the future.

October is SIA Membership Month! All month we are talking about the importance of an SIA membership and the different ways SIA helps future-proof your business. This week we are featuring the critical role that Technology plays in your business.

Check out our latest presentation on current trends, best practices and what’s next for technologies and innovations in today’s market, “The Intersection of Technology and Innovation.

These types of presentations are made possible through SIA membership dollars. Member dollars help ensure we can continue to provide the industry with the education, research and advocacy necessary to future-proof your business!

Join/renew SIA today and get immediate access to SIA’s curated member benefits as well as special member pricing on business technologies featured in the SIA Marketplace.

Thank you.

Nick Sargent, SIA President

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