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FAQ’s: Certification of PFAS Compliance

April 10, 2024 | 0 Comments
Guidance for Using the Certificate of PFAS Compliance Template:

Brands must provide certificates of PFAS compliance to retailers signed by an authorized official and can be electronic. Retailers should share this template with vendors of apparel and/or textile articles to allow those products to be sold in New York or California.

The Rule:
California: prohibits the manufacture, distribution, selling, or offering for sale textile articles with PFAS. New York: prohibits manufacture, distribution, selling, or offering for sale apparel with PFAS.
NY/CA compliance deadline: January 1, 2025.  

  • Does not currently apply to “outdoor apparel for severe wet conditions.” Compliance deadline: January 1, 2028.
  • Maine requires reporting, but not a Certificate of Compliance

What constitutes “outdoor apparel for severe wet conditions?”
Outdoor apparel that are extreme and extended-use products designed for outdoor sports experts for applications that protect against extended exposure to extreme rain conditions or extended immersion in water or wet conditions, such as from snow, to protect the health and safety of the user and that are not marketed for general consumer use.

Under California’s definition of “apparel,” exempt articles would also include personal protective equipment or clothing used by the US military.” For products that fall into this category, please check the “PFAS Exempt” box.

What happens if my product listing exceeds the space allocated on this form?
Attach the full list as “Exhibit A.”

Once the supplier returns the completed certificate, what should be done?
Retailers should save each certificate if the state requests the documentation.

How Do I Customize The Certificate for My Business?
Open the PDF in Acrobat, and then select Edit in the global bar. The PDF switches to the edit mode, and the Edit panel displays.

Can I Share This With Other Industry Colleagues?
The Certification of Compliance is intended for use by SIA members only.  Please do not share it. 

For any other questions, please contact Chris Steinkamp, SIA Head of Advocacy at [email protected]

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